7. Multi-Channels-Markets Co-Promotion Support

I N D E X of the Stucture of the Multi Channels of Distribution Multi-Brands Promotion Program

The support of the Export-Government-Rebats Provide the Accredited Imporeters with Multi Channel Promotional Programs that cover the entire Primary and Parallele Markets with Ap propriateTrade-Marks-Brands covering the major Chanels of Distribution in the considered MarketsIncluding the Pubblication on line in Internet and Intranet of the Importer’s Distributo rs Offers as”Mirror” with specific Web Site with identical Catalogue but with variable prices according the quantity of each one of the vertical hannels indicated below. Furthermore the Promo-Multi-Channel Program Provide New Pubblication In the Promo-Marketing Schedule in 6 major “Inventory-Seasonal-Sale-Campaign”Covering all season of the Year (Spring,Sum mer, Fall, Winter, Xms and After-Xms Sale). This Integrated Promo-Plan that will introduce to the markets the Importer’s-Distribution Net work in the considered Country that include the channels of distribution indicated below:

Country Delegation Markets Channels of -Distribution Promo Coverages

01- Importers-Distributorship Markets
02- Manufacturing-Comnponets-Markets
03- Special Brands-Sub-Contracts Market-
04- National Distributorship Markets News- Markets
05- Regional Distribution- Markets
06-Contracts & Sub Contracts Markets- Markets
07-Chane & Department Stores Markets
08-Franchising and Specialties Markets
09-Specialties Stores Boutique Markets
10- Souvenir Free Zone Export-Import-Markets
11- Premium-Incentive-Sponsorship Markets
12- Factory-Test-Discount-Store-Markets
13- Television-Sales & Mail Order-Markets
14-In Store Vending Refurbishing Markets
15 -Multi-Level & Party Programs Markets
16-Consignment & Barter Trade Services Markets
17-Inter-Markets-Port-Auctions -Sales Markets
18 - E-Commerce E-Factory-Test Store