H O M E-I N F O-E - M A I L
m e n u

D I R E C T O R Y of
Services and Facilities of
Inter-Merchandise Mart &
Technology Transfer Center
of Milan Italy

1-Free services for export-import operations.

2- Services and Structures of Inter-Free-Zone-Markets.
3- Priority Requests-Offers from - to 72 Countries.
4- Visit to Exhibits Rooms for products & projects from 72 countries.
4.1- Inter-Free-Zone Public Warehouse & Distribution Center Network

5- Foreign Visitors Programs to Italian and European Trade Fairs with Milan Schedule

6-7- Welcome Center with Free-Courtesy Services for Foreign Visitors to Italian Factories

8- Export & Import Quality Control and logistic Supporting Services.
9- Import & Export Bulletins with Foreign Business Opportunities - Import Financing
10- Special Projects and Joint-Ventures - Sub-Contracts .
11- Free Toll Contact Center in Video-Meeting with Products Authenticity Certification
12- Import & Export Application Form and Products Questionaire
13- job Opportunities for Italian Regional Delegations of Euro-Export-Centers.
14- The Management Team Presentation